Get ready for a groundbreaking experience at this year’s California Roots Music & Arts Festival! Embarc is proud to present “The Smoke Show,” an exclusive cannabis event making its debut from May 24-26. This pioneering activation marks the first time onsite cannabis sales and consumption will be featured at the iconic Monterey festival, perfectly embodying Embarc’s mission to destigmatize cannabis through safe, regulated experiences.

“The Smoke Show” offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in California’s vibrant cannabis culture. Engage directly with some of the state’s leading cannabis brands, including Claybourne, Halara, Traditional, the Equity Trade Network, Hearst, Royal Blunts, Am Weed Co, Lowell, and Clsics. Designed for both seasoned connoisseurs and those new to cannabis, this event provides interactive, educational, and personalized experiences to enrich your festival journey.

Open to all festival attendees over the age of 21, “The Smoke Show” promises to be a highlight of Cali Roots, blending music, art, and cannabis in an unprecedented celebration.


Come hang with us – and some of your favorite brands:


American Weed Co
Royal Blunts
Humboldt Family Farms
Hearst / Equity Trade