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Safety Meeting: Cool People, Doing Cool Sh*t, featuring Kate “Milky” Buenconsejo

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend??! Welcome back to #SafetyMeetings, our new-ish series where we talk to cool people doing cool shit. This week we have Kate “Milky” Buenconsejo – a girl mom, San Franciscan, film photographer, breaker of generational curses, plant medicine advocate and all around #coolpersondoingcoolshit


Kate “Milky” Buenconsejo

You’re a cool person doing cool shit. What’s your name and where are you located?

 I’m Kate “Milky” Buenconsejo and I’m in San Francisco


And what kind of cool shit are you doing?

I’m a mom so that’s hella cool. I’m a photographer, and I’m actually going back to school right now for graphic design.


Amazing. So what gets you out of bed and puts the camera in your hand? What drives you?

 My shit is film photography. It’s super nostalgic… remembering my dad coming back from the store and always having film on him. I shoot a lot of portraits, a lot of memories of the girls. But yeah, my favorite things to shoot are portraits, style, and editorials.


What is the best part about being a working mom? We often hear how hard it is, but rarely the flip side. So I’m curious about your take.

Naturally, I think as humans we tend to lament on challenging things – which it [parenting] is. This shit is not for the weak. But the best thing is when I do everyone’s schedule, do my own schedule, and then I am able to hit the points, turn in the projects I need to turn in. That feeling of, like, “Oh my god, I’m fucking doing it! I’m getting my work done, I’m doing art, I’m living the life I’m creating for myself!”


Do you feel like being successful and fulfilled in your career makes you a better mother?

At the end of the day, with my art, and work, and all that, the most important thing is being present for my daughters. Actually playing with them. All the other shit doesn’t actually really matter unless I’m with them. When I’m able to relax and go on adventures with them and actually BE with them, that’s just top-tier self-care. Breaking generational curses.



If I’m getting irritated about regular mom shit, or having a full plate and kinda taking it out on the kids – that shit sucks. That’s when I’m like, “Oh man, I need to draw back, meditate, and figure out a way to be present with the girls, and still be able to run this business smoothly.


Those parenting moments where you’re saying to yourself, “Mmm, this is not my best work”

 It’s like, “Okay, I’m sorry for how I acted”


I always say, “Mommy needs a reset. We’re all going to reset!”

So many resets. Being able to communicate that with my daughters is such an accomplishment. Being able to say, “Hey guys, my bad. I’m dealing with a lot and I just wanted to let you guys know”. They’re very understanding of it. It feels so damn good to have that relationship with them.


Such an important life skill. What do you think is the MOST important thing you want to teach your daughters?

The most important thing I hope they take from me is how I’ve really taken the time to get to know myself. I want that for them. I want them to be curious about why they feel certain ways and have the ability to communicate who they truly are to the world.


Follow Kate on Instagram where you can book a shoot with her to capture your inner god(ess), get real-time #momlife POV in stories, or browse her aesthetic AF blog, Milky World.

Kate “Milky” Buenconsejo