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What Is A KD Of Weed?

Cannabis legalization and the recent industry boom have pushed the previously underground cannabis vocabulary into mainstream use. 

If you’re planning to purchase a quantity of marijuana at your local dispensary, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the associated terms, as they often go beyond simple measurements.

One of these terms is a ‘KD of weed,’ a popular slang term used by cannabis enthusiasts. 

But what does it mean? Where did it come from? And how many grams can you look forward to when purchasing a KD? We’ll answer that and more in this quick KD guide. 

What Is A KD Of Weed?

A KD of weed is an eighth of weed. An eighth is a more popular and widely understood term, while a KD is a niche community term. 

KD stands for Kevin Durant, an NBA player who wore the jersey number 35. 

Where Does The Term ‘KD’ Originate? 

The term ‘KD’ first came into play when NBA legend Kevin Durant wore the number 35 jersey. In this case, 35 symbolizes the 3.5 grams of weed you’ll find in an eighth or a ‘KD.’ 

Kevin Durant is also an avid smoker and supporter of cannabis, which still faces stigma even after legalization in most states. His support, legendary status, and the number on his jersey were the perfect storm. Almost instantly, ‘KD’ became synonymous with an eighth among communities that share a passion for basketball and cannabis.

While he doesn’t wear the number 35 jersey anymore (he now wears the number 7), the term has become a permanent part of the cannabis measurement lexicon. 

How Many Grams Make Up A KD Of Weed?

A ‘KD’ is the same as an eighth of weed, which contains 3.5 grams of weed. 

Dispensaries measure weed to ensure customers are getting their money’s worth. Measuring by bud size is inconsistent because some buds are denser and heavier but look smaller. The same is true for the opposite, where a bud seems big but is very light. 

So, to ensure accurate product amounts, dispensaries measure weed by weight in grams and price it accordingly. 

What Should A KD Of Weed Look Like?

A KD isn’t a lot of weed, but it’s enough for your average recreational user who smokes alone. 

Again, while there is no standard size – density plays a big part in product size – a KD of weed should fill the palm of your hand. It can also look like a small handful of grapes. 

A KD will produce between 5 and 7 joints, depending on how thick you like to roll yours. If you don’t smoke more than once a day, that’s enough weed for about a week. If you prefer bowls or one-hitters, it can last even longer. 

How Does A KD Compare To Other Weed Measurements?

The most common weed measurement units are:

  • A gram (1 gram of weed)
  • A KD (3.5 grams of weed)
  • A fourth (7 grams of weed)
  • A half (14 grams of weed)
  • An ounce (28 grams of weed)

Even with many other size options available, a ‘KD’ is the most popular. The biggest reason is its price. 

A KD of weed hits the sweet spot between size and price. A gram is too little for most people, while a half and anything above, while cheaper in the long run, can be too expensive as a one-time purchase. 

With a KD or an eighth, you get enough product to comfortably enjoy joints for a few days without breaking the bank to do it. 

Different Types Of Cannabis Available In A KD

There are many strains of weed available on the market, all of which produce different highs. Larger measurements, like a half or an ounce, are so big and difficult to sell that it limits your cannabis choices at some dispensaries.

Luckily, you’ll find most of your favorite strains available in an eighth or KD. It’s a small, popular measurement that’s easy to sell. It’s very accessible, with various cannabis options to choose from at almost all dispensaries.

How Much Does A KD Of Weed Cost?

The typical KD of weed ranges anywhere between $20 to $60. The price is affected by the type of weed and local taxes but mainly by the weed quality. 

The most expensive weed isn’t always the best. But the best also won’t be the cheapest. Producing high-quality THC products requires specialized equipment and more extensive production routines, all of which push the final product price up. 

That being said, you don’t have to go for the most expensive. Instead, go for the middle ground. At Embarc, you’ll find high-quality weed at reasonable prices. 


As cannabis culture enters the mainstream, so does its lexicon for measurements. There are many types of units of measure, all with unique histories. 

One is a ‘KD,’ short for Kevin Durant, an NBA player who loves weed and wears the number 35 jersey. Because a KD is 3.5 grams, cannabis enthusiasts started calling an eighth of weed a ‘KD’ after the legendary basketball player. 

To enjoy a high-quality KD of weed, visit your nearest Embarc location. We offer top-tier cannabis, community, and unbeatable prices.